Baron Danglars

Baron Danglars is a character who plays an important role in the plot of the novel. As a person, he is extremely jealous and greedy and makes lots of effort to imprison Edmond Dantès. Danglars is a Mondego’s co-worker, but he is constantly jealous as realizes his less attractiveness and lack of talents. His motive ends with actions with horrible results but does not give him a better position than he had. At the end of the plot, he loses all that he had, including his reputation, money, and his family. To be honest, his family and reputation are those things he does not appreciate too much, and the facts of their disappearing do not bother him. However, we could not say so about the money. The strong desire to get more money and power is the reason for all horrible actions Danglar committed in his life.
The fortune Danglar receives by all dishonest ways he uses breaks easily and leaves him without anything. He suffers from the Count of Monte Christo’s actions and is not able to find enough strength to stand against all forces he is made to fight against. However, he is the one who does not end his life with suicide, and this fact explains his inner strength.

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