Bayardo San Román

Bayardo San Roman is a complex of man’s perfection. Being significantly rich, considerably handsome, and the first figure in any activity he was a marriage goal for any woman. Bayardo knows anything that the person could know, and there wasn’t a girl who was not thinking about his attractiveness. However, the man could not be as ideal as he appeared to be. There is something uncovered in the life of Bayardo, and the narrator states that no one knows this person perfectly.

The main outcome that is brightly shown in Bayardo’s behavior is related to his attitude to the money. Being extremely rich, the man uses his state to influence other people. He seems to be convinced that anything could be bought for money, even the happy life. He is trying to buy a wife and build happiness in his life using the money. This fact serves as a good explanation of man’s inner condition. He lost the real joy in life and is struggling to return his happiness back.

We see that money is for Bayardo an instrument to make other people unhappy. This statement could be proved by the fact of widower’s death. Bayardo decided that his influential condition can guard the life of poor people and has not any sense of sympathizing.

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