Chronicle of a Death Foretold Study Guide

Chronicle of a Death Foretold Study Guide

The legendary Gabriel Garcia Marquez wrote “Chronicle of a Death Foretold” in 1981. It is a story about a murder told from a perspective of those who committed and observed it. The way the events are reconstructed creates a bit of literary chaos in the text and reminds absurd theatre genre.

Imagine a small provincial town. A big and lavish wedding has just been celebrated and it would be remembered for the years to come. Partly because the next morning the bride was chased out of her husband's house for infidelity. The town is now all busy preparing for the visit of the bishop, the one who will not even stop to greet its inhabitants. A young good-looking man Santiago is on his way to an event that will change his life forever. The event that will end his life, to be concrete. The whole town is synchronized with his movements.

What is destined to happen will happen and everybody will make whatever he or she can to ensure that the natural order of things is preserved. And the fact that other inhabitants knew about the upcoming murder didn’t help Santiago. They knew the place where the murderers are waiting for their prey. They knew the reasons. The indifference, the lies, the jealousy, the blindness – everybody contributed to the murder in their own way and now the reader will reconstruct the events of that dark day piece by piece, story by story.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez managed to write a confusing but fascinating text. The time disappears when reading the “Chronicle of a Death Foretold” and lets the fate and genuine interest take their place. The book will touch the deepest parts of your soul. It will win you over with its composition, plot, characters, style, and atmosphere. You will find yourself going over and over the text even long after it’s finished. That’s the beauty of the story you are about to discover.

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Chronicle of a Death Foretold

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