Bobby Lee

Here we come to the description of the awful guy of this story. After reading the description you will think – well, it is all the fairy tale, we can’t meet such a guy in the real world. We have to upset you – unfortunately, such guys exist. According to the words of a little and very honest June Star, he is "a fat boy in black trousers and a red sweatshirt," and because of this, he looks like a pig.

By the way, he is described as a boy; he even looks like the one. But fortunately we all know how old he is, and that the things he did were done by a mature person, not by the boy who simply chose the wrong way.

What are we talking about? Well, Bobby Lee was one of the criminals who killed the entire family. What is more, he thinks that it is completely fun. He felt excited doing that; he was inspired by the feeling that lives of that people are in his dirty hands. He really seems to enjoy killing people; he is even grinning all the time, including when he grabs June Star and takes her to meet her end in the woods. He thinks it is fun. He doesn’t feel any regret of killing little kids, women and old people. This person is totally lost, and it seems crazy.

Moreover, he doesn’t change up to the end of the story. If the Misfit has undergone a transformation, Bobby Lee never understands what was wrong in his behaviour, and why it is bad to kill and what is wrong in feeling the power.

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