Brobdingnagians are residents of the state named Brobdingen, where Gulliver came after a trip to Lilliputians. During the second voyage, Gulliver's ship deviates from the course, and the team lands on the nearest island, where people of giant growth live. They are as big compared to humans as humans are to Lilliputians. However, Gulliver eventually becomes convinced that Brobdingnagians are not monsters, they are the same people as people in any European state, and their country is the same as any country in Europe. Only the dimensions of plants, objects, and animals are very large, so everything produces a repulsive impression at first (as, for example, Gulliver observes the breast with huge veins of a woman with an infant or enormous flies that left hideous excrement of incredible size). Having learned the country of Brobdingnagians closer, Gulliver realizes that it is much more attractive than Lilliputian’s land. The people there seem to him worthy and respectable, although devoid of intellectual qualities. He is sure that the knowledge of such people is very scarce: they are limited to morality, history, poetry, and mathematics.

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