Caleb (Cal) Trask

Cal is the son of Adam and Cathy, Aaron's brother and second Cain. He is also the one who forces you to tell you and to whom you want to hug the book from time to time. He looks very much like Charles (and also looks wise) he wants love for his father and does not understand him. He also fears that he may be too much like his bad mother. If to speak about the Biblical double: the power is Cain, and Cain was, in general, an unpopular guy, because he, you know, was the first killer and everything else. In the Bible, Cain is a "fugitive and vagabond" (Genesis 4:12), which basically means that people avoided him.But even though he's a lonely realist, Cal definitely has an emotional side; after all, he is a teenager who is still trying to understand the world and who he is in it. The world is not friendly with him, with a common friendliness, emotionally elusive father, brother of a good friend and mother, whom one cannot imagine. Can not a child get a break? In this passage, much is happening. First of all, you may remember that Lee is not the first person to call Cal "a sleep-nosed child," Kate calls him when he visits her. This is the fashionable word - Timshel, the idea of choice. Cal has the idea that he will somehow turn into Kate because he understands something that makes her an altogether nasty person. Here is definitely the answer from Charles. This is because Charles is not such a jerk as his brother; Kate could not play with him, as with Adam. 

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Caleb (Cal) Trask in the Essays