Cathy Ames (Kate)

Cathy, one of the most interesting and controversial characters of Steinbeck, is born with what the author calls an "ugly soul" in the small town of Massachusetts (71). From an early age, people are captured and indulged in their innocent faces. As a teenager, she kills her parents, setting the family house on fire during a dream. Although her body was never found, she is also dead.In the end, Cathy finds her way to Boston to work as a prostitute. Instead, by setting her sheer innocence and beauty, he establishes her as her lover. Later, she learns of a fire in the house and forces her to accompany him on a trip to Connecticut, where he almost hits her to death. She creeps into the property of Trask, where Adam finds her and takes care of his health and life. She reluctantly moves with Adam to California, where she learns that she is pregnant. She tells Adam later that Charles has impregnated her. Then Cathy finds her way to the Faye’s Bordeaux, where she takes the pseudonym Kate. Like others in front of her, Faye is deceived by the innocent face and beauty of Kate. She dissuades Kate from prostitution and eventually begins to rely on her to cope with the affairs of brothels. When Kate finds out that Faye left everything to her of her own free will, she devises a subtle and cunning plan to kill Fay. Finally, Keith is visited by Adam and her two twins. She was always sure of her isolation from what she had discovered in other people as great corruption. She begins to wonder if she can be different. Especially her meeting with Aron, brought to her in revenge by his angry and outcast brother, facilitates this fact. "They had something that she did not have," she thinks, "and she did not know what it was like, as soon as she knew it, she was ready, and as soon as she finished, she knew that she would be a long time - maybe all of it. She was ready for life (550), ready to kill herself, which she did, giving Aron her whole destiny.

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Cathy Ames (Kate) in the Essays