Charles Trask

Charles is the brother of Adam. Charles is a cruel boy who does not consider the consequences of his actions; although he loves his brother, he beats him badly and tries to kill him once. Charles is the devoted son of his father Cyrus and grows up to become capable, but a lonely farmer. When he dies, he leaves his small destiny to Adam and Catherine, although he always hated Katherine, because he could see evil in her (probably because he felt the same evil in himself). They say that Charles is stronger, faster and smarter than Adam. When Adam was old enough to register, and Cyrus spoke with him about his future in the army. Charles overhears the conversation and is jealous of the interaction of his father with Adam. Charles accuses Adam of his feelings of rejection and swipes into it and pursues Adam to kill him. When Adam finally returns home after the death of his father, Charles is happy that his brother, but the tension between the brothers has never diminished. While conscientious Charles wants to increase his ownership of land and expand the place of his family, there was no relaxing for Adam and unhappy with farming. His desire to travel instead of staying in Connecticut e happened because he did not want to be in the center of quarrels. When Adam decides to take Cathy, Charles immediately does not trust her and sees in her the darkness that he recognizes in himself. On the wedding night of Adam and Cathy takes drugs and appears in the bedroom of Charles, and they have sex. Although this has never been proven, it is implied that Charles may be the biological father of one or both of the two boys of Adam. Throughout his adult years, Charles remained focused on agriculture and accumulated great wealth. Steinbeck writes about Trask's property: "It was a gloomy farm and a dismal house, unloved and uninhabited" (63). After his death, Charles left a legacy of $ 100,000, which he wanted to divide between Adam and Cathy. 

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Charles Trask in the Essays