Baron Christian de Neuvillette

This Baron is a complete opposite of Cyrano. And it is visible in lots of situations, but first of all in his appearance. He is very handsome; perhaps only Dorian Gray could take on him. Nevertheless, a person can be beautiful or smart; the rare thing is to see these two qualities together. That happened to Baron as well. He was a very stupid person who lacks wit and intelligence.

Talking about the way he appeared in the story, he was new to Paris and to the cadets, but while he falls in love with Roxane and joins Cyrano’s company of cadets early in the play, he becomes a part of the story. His good looks are matched only by Roxane’s. That is why a common reader would rather see Baron and Roxane as a couple instead of Cyrano and Roxane.

He has a lot of lines in the book that is why talking about his personage is a pleasure. Also, during the story, the changes, which means he is a dynamic character. Christian is a handsome man, we see it, and at the same time, he is not so bad, as he is described as a person of noble spirit and generosity. As well as Cyrano he is unable to show his love to Roxane is such way that she will accept it. We don’t want you to think that he was that stupid, he was just inarticulate. He eventually becomes disillusioned with Roxane loving him for someone he is not. He dies bravely in the siege. While reading a book, we feel okay and even sympathy to him, that is why we can sum up, that he is a positive hero to help the main one to overcome hard situations in life.

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