Cyrano de Bergerac Study Guide

Cyrano de Bergerac Study Guide

Edmond Rostand created “Cyrano de Bergerac”, that actually is not centered around the real life of this historic character. It is written in verse style, reminding the classical rhyme composition. The play drastically changed the landscape of realistic and dull theatrical production of the 19th century and was an immediate success.

Cyrano is a poet who lived in France during the 17th century. He was in love with his cousin and this feeling took over his thoughts and life. The author depicts the protagonist as a smart and charismatic man, who has an enormously long nose. The crowd praises and loves the man for his courage and dignity. But the brilliant man is too shy about this fact and can’t dare to approach his object of love.

All the characters meet at a theatre where Cyrano is set not to let Montleury take the stage. He challenges a couple of people for a duel, including the potential husband of his beloved Roxane. This makes the girl notice the man and finally she requests a meeting with Cyrano.

The meeting takes place only to disappoint the protagonist: Roxane is asking Cyrano to protect another man she loves. Intelligent and creative Cyrano starts to write letters to Roxane on behalf of Cadet Christian. Even when he is sent to the war, he continues writing the love letters and risking his life trying to send them. In the very end the girl finds out the truth, but it’s too late and Cyrano dies.

The author never managed to repeat the success of this play again. It is one of a kind and was admired and romanticized during the 19th century. The play also has brought a lot into our daily lives: from introducing the word “panache” to reminding the current generations about such concepts as musketeers and preciouses dames, institutions like French Academy and so on. It's time to discover it for yourself!

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