Count de Guiche

Finally, we come to the antagonist of the story. This Count is in love with Roxane as well, but he shows it in a very strange way. His love for her was not the same Cyrano and Christian had, he just liked her appearance and wanted Valvert, to marry her and to have everything the best in his family.

He is not the main hero, and he appears not so often. He isn’t a dynamic character as he didn’t change staying the same awful person he was at the beginning. He is a powerful nobleman, and moreover, he is married. But he isn’t in love with his wife very much. This aristocrat and a Gascon are married to the Cardinal's niece. Also, Count isn’t fond of Cyrano. He is a person who conceives people according to their outlook. That is why he simply hated being together with someone who is that much ugly as Cyrano.

The count is deceitful and always angry, seriously, no matter what happens he will be angry. Maybe he can be even angry at the sun because it is shining too bright. Also, he attempts several times to have Cyrano killed, once even by a hundred men. Solely for revenge against Christian and Cyrano, he sends the Gascony Guards to almost certain death. He is mocked by the cadets for his pretense, but he shows great bravery at the siege and reconciles with his enemies. That is why we see that people can’t be that bad in all situations. There always is a good side, everywhere. By the end of the play he has increased in rank and is now a Duc, but he feels a sense of unease about all of the trappings of power.

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Count de Guiche in the Essays