Cyrano de Bergerac

Cyrano is the main hero of the story. He is one of the most pleasant things, as he has a lot of sides. Nevertheless, he is not a dynamic character. Cyrano is shown as a poet, swordsman, scientist, soldier (member of Cadets of Gascoyne), musician, and playwright. But as it happens from time to time, a person who has lots of talents was absolutely not handsome and even unattractive. He was gifted with a strange long nose that made him insecure and keeps him from revealing his love for his cousin Roxane. Also, he was very sensitive about all jokes people made about his appearance. Cyrano is a man of immense courage, versatility, and talent. He is an expert swordsman and challenges anyone who mentions his nose. He jealously guards his intellectual freedom, even though he suffers from poverty. His integrity and innate nobility of spirit are the themes of the play.

As you see, Cyrano is a complicated man. Being ashamed of his grotesquely large nose, he nonetheless is confident, brash, prideful, witty, and completely committed to living a life of freedom and autonomy. By the way, Roxane, who was his beloved person is his cousin, that is why a story is even more complex with this fact. Having a full understanding of the situation, he was ashamed to tell Roxane about his feelings. Through Christian, he is able to have his eloquent and passionate words of love read and written to her. His fierce independence creates many enemies for him, though, and he is eventually killed by one of them. He insists on dying to stand, swinging his sword, and asserting his spirit and "panache" to the very end. That is the main thing that shows us what a brave person was Cyrano.

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