Cyrus Trask

Cyrus is the bear's daddy. He is a one-sided former soldier, who takes his short military career very seriously. He chooses his beloved son, Adam, for the army - whether Adam wants it or not - and allows the other son of Charles to go to the farm or something else. All the military in the country take Cyrus seriously, and Adam is the only one who sees through his dear old father that he really is: fraud. It turns out that Cyrus probably did something cunning because if he dies, he has more money than he should. Cyrus - the god for Adam - thinks of him as the highest patriarch who started the whole story. As a child, Adam sees his father as a man who has many attributes of the Hebrew Bible of God: it's cold, he has many rules, he's kind of creepy and sometimes he loves, but only in a stubborn way, But Steinbeck play with his God-character, do not doing it as a virtuous one: we learn about Cyrus One of the first things that he pulls together while the army of gonorrhea, and then is kind enough to give to his wife, If she fools himself, he does not take the time to pick up next, hardly legal girl, to take her place. In short, Cyrus is an idiot. The key word here is the divine (as well as the gods); you will notice that the descriptions of Cyrus usually use a lot of divine languages. You see, young children tend to see adults around them infallible, like gods. But as they grow older, they (hopefully) begin to understand that these adults are sometimes lazy people - like everyone else. In principle, Adam understands that his father is not God.

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