Dagny Taggart

One of the mysterious personages in the story. A commitment to extremes and maximalism characterizes the heroine's temperament. Sometimes the choice made by her is quite hard to explain with rational arguments. She is guided by emotions and knows how to appear at a party or a dinner effectively.

The protagonist is the vice-president of the family company for railway communications. Such a high position attracts the attention of all American society of the 1950s where women are perceived as an addition to their spouses. Their dominant mission consists of decorating the man’s and raising children, but not building a career. Dagny is a high-level professional who is ready to overcome any obstacles.

The girl fights against gender stereotypes imposed by the patriarchal world. She becomes the subject of gossip and misinterpretation because the public is sickened by her independence. A lot of men see her like a tumor, destroying the established norms and standards. Dagny avoids the crowd, preferring to communicate with a narrow circle of persons or work alone.

Her forced isolation is associated with alienation from real everyday existence since the girl lives by different rules. The heroine finds herself at a crossroads in search of a suitable environment for herself. Being content with the role of mistress, Dagny tramples on the foundations of the Conservatives, who accuse her of manhood.

The girl relates to work and sex to the personal dimension of each person. Dagny deliberately challenges the traditions, wanting to emphasize the correctness of own worldview. For her, sex is a process of sharing not only feelings but also intelligence. She feels love for three men whose activities are related to her position.

The personage of Dagny represents the embodiment of a modern businesswoman who is not afraid to fight with men for her own future. She tries on the roles of the master of destinies, an exemplary wife, a wise mentor, and even a friend. The principal turns into a symbol by means of which the litterateur describes other characters. But the role of a moderator does not detract from her heroic value.

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