Dr. Bledsoe

The president of the protagonist’s college, Dr. Bledsoe firstly appears as a man with highly humanistic ideas and conceptions. He serves as an example for the narrator. With the flow of time, the protagonist finds out that Dr. Bledsoe views are dramatically ambiguous.

At the first part of the story, Dr. Bledsoe appears to be the example of humanity; however, he is the person to promote a doctrine of humility which can serve as the pushing hand for the blacks’ advancement. Moreover, he votes for the blacks to be subject to hard work. This idea is promoted in the circle of white students. Dr. Bledsoe is constantly saying to the narrator that he is nobody, that his existence is a big mistake. Such cruel racial claims reveal the true essence of Dr. Bledsoe. 

All the preceding proves that Dr. Bledsoe wants to maintain his status and power in the society. He is even ready to see every black lynched before he would give up his prosperous position. While he speaks about the whites, he stresses that they are responsible for the orders and the only thing the blacks can do is to follow them without any questions for not to disturb the whites from the ruling.

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Dr. Bledsoe in the Essays