Dr Edward George Armstrong

Dr. Edward George Armstrong is another interesting character that is depicted in the novel as a greatly successful physician. In accordance with the plot of the novel, he was paid a significant amount of money to arrive at the Indian Island. The reason for such an unordinary offer was the fact that Edward Armstrong had great medical skills that might be useful for all the island’s guests. When the major number of the individuals arriving at the island began to die, the physician emerged as an absolute leader. However, similarly to the others, he had his own demons as well. These demons were related to the past years of his successful career.

The author paid significant attention to the past of this character describing it is details. As Agatha Christie wrote, in the past Dr. Edward George Armstrong committed a terrible crime related to his career. In fact, being drunk, he killed a patient during the operation. Although this murder was not accidental, Edward Armstrong was not punished for such an inexcusable mistake. He was not punished because any law could prove his guilt, and what is more important, this individual used the hospital management to cover up his crime. This issue can be found in the following lines of the novel, “Drunk-that's what it was drunk. And I operated! Nerves all to pieces-hands shaking. I killed her, all right. Poor devil-elderly woman-simple job if I'd been sober. Lucky for me there's loyalty in our profession”. This tragedy was revealed later when the nun that accompanied that patient-reported all the details to Judge Lawrence Wargrave.

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