Edmond Dantès

Edmond Dantès is an extremely interesting character that plays a crucial role in the whole book. He is the one, who changes lots of faces and throughout the novel we meet several names that are referred to the one person, Edmond. 
The first thing we notice about Edmond is his intelligence and honesty. Dantès is a person full of love and forgives everyone for everything, being a little bit naïve. However, one day he is unfairly blamed for committing the crime, and this fact makes him a completely different person. He becomes a bitter and hating man and after escaping the prison transformed many times, turning into the new personalities.
We meet Edmond as the Count of Monte Cristo, then the Sailor Sinbad, the Chief Clerk of Thomson and Abbé Busoni, French, Lord Wilmore, and M. Zaccone. Edmond’s imagination helps him easily to change the person and become that one, who is the most appropriate in the specific moment. All of them are the masks he uses to hide his real face and being. He is not honest and naïve anymore. He is the one who learned how to survive by using the people for his own needs and creates a false picture of reality. 

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