Edward Ferrars

Edward Ferrars is a son of Mrs. Ferrars and a brother of Fanny and Robert. As all of the children of Mrs. Ferrars, he lives under her strict control and depends on her financially. His mother has hired a tutor for him in order to save money and not to send him to school, and he is privately educated. Despite the fact that he studies a lot, he is not prepared for some particular profession. That is why it is quite difficult for him to fulfill the expectations of Mrs. Ferrars and achieve professional success. Nonetheless, all he dreams about is a quiet home and domestic comfort, not even thinking of earning a lot of money or conducting some business activity.  Because Edward has good manners and is nice to her, Marianne considers him to be boring and not attractive at all. At the same time, these features attract Elinor, kind and intelligent girl. It happens that Edward meets Lucy and breaks relations with beloved Elinor; however, in the long run, he comes to a conclusion that it was a wrong decision. Finally, the fellow gets back to Elinor, asks her to marry him, and they start a quiet and happy life in the countryside.

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