Emily Brent

Emily Brent is a considerably unique character that was depicted by Agatha Christie in her famous novel. At first glance, it may seem that this sixty-five-years old woman is a harmless granny that bakes chocolate cookies and plays about her grandchildren. However, in fact, there is so much more to it than that. After reading the entire novel, we can conclude that Emily Brent is a great example of hypocritical religious fanatics. The only thing that she enjoys is to judge harshly all the people surrounding her. What is more, this elderly woman lacks the empathy and compassion – the two main things that make us humans. Emily Brent was one of ten guests invited to the Indian Island. She was given the opportunity to visit this exotic location thanks to her old friend known as the U.N.O. According to the plot of the novel, Mrs. Brent met him on vacation a few years ago. What is more important, this unknown individual had the same conservative values as this sixty-five-years old woman. While reading the book, it becomes evident that the person who invited Emily Brent to the island was Mr. Owen. As it was mentioned above, Emily Brent is afflicted with religious mania. As a result, she lost her sense of compassion and began to judge everyone who came short of her expectations. Although she tended to judge everyone, she had her demons as well. Similarly to the other guests of the island, Mrs. Brent was accused of murder as well. In one of the chapters written by Agatha Christie, the recording played on the gramophone indicated that “Emily Caroline Brent, that upon the 5th November 1931, you were responsible for the death of Beatrice Taylor”.Beatrice Taylor worked for Emily Brenton for a particular period of time. When this young lady got pregnant, Mrs. Brenton fired her when the truth was revealed. As she said, ‘'Naturally I did not keep her an hour under my roof. No one shall ever say that I condoned immorality”. Since this girl lost her family as well as her job, she committed suicide. Therefore, it can be concluded that Emily Brenton is partially guilty of the death of this young lady. 

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