Fernand Mondego

Fernand Mondego is Edmond’s concurrent that is struggling to win the Mercédès’ passion. He is the one who hates Edmond and makes lots of efforts to close him in prison. This is the plan how to make his enemy to be weak and marry the girl of his dream. Mondego is an extremely dishonest and mean person, who completes his goals by means of making other people suffer. The man becomes really rich, but his wealth is created through the ways of treachery and dishonest behavior. Fernand Mondego has become a powerful man, and the first person who hates him with all his heart is Edmond. 
Fernand Mondego is a character that does not pay attention to those good traits like honesty and loyalty. He is the one that could never receive the readers’ sympathizing. We can notice how Mondego is ready to fight against his country and does not see the problem in selling people out if it is connecting with the money and power. His reputation among the other people is just horrible, and nobody feels sorry for him after the acts of his suicide. The man who can easily sell innocent people into slavery and kill anybody in order to get the money does not receive any good attitude.

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