Gregor Samsa

Gregor Samsa is a simple Parisian from a low-income family. He works as a salesman in order to provide  his family. Work does not please him, but a sense of duty makes him work. Because of the constant travels, Gregor has almost nothing of his own, except for chronic fatigue and digestive problems. According to his father's authoritarianism, he is accustomed to subordinating his interests to the needs of others. 
One morning, waking up from an anxious dream, Gregor Samsa finds that he has turned into a terrible insect. After metamorphosis, Gregor understands the truth that he could not assume earlier because of the difficult family condition and exhausting work. He takes on the burden of caring for his relatives, worrying that his parents and sister will not need anything. He loves them faithfully and, even becoming a vile insect, forgives them callousness and deceit. Recently, he has believed that his victims have not been useless; now all the illusions are destroyed. He realizes that the family can live without him. 
Once Gregor finds out that his relatives barely keep an abomination to him and want to get rid of him. He sees that it is impossible to continue to live, and he dies. The hero does not lose hope to deserve praise from relatives and, dying, he hopes that the father, mother, and Greta will appreciate his sacrifice, but this does not happen.
The main hero of the story is a good, decent, intelligent man, who naturally turns into an insect because before this transformation he lived like an insect. The image of Gregor Samsa in the novella " The Metamorphosis” embodies a "little man," who is powerless against the cruelty of the world and its absurdity, but he is strong enough to save the nobleness, dignity and other best human qualities to the end.

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