Grete Samsa

Greta Samsa is Gregor’s younger sister. A young girl is on the way of adult life. Before Gregor`s transformation, Grete worries about him, and they are very close. She is very cute and adoring. But then she offends him because the consequences of Gregor's transformation begin negatively affect her own life as she takes it upon herself to clean his room every day and feed him. Parents generally ignored Gregor, and only his sister put some kind of food in the newspaper.  With time, however, she loses interest in this and leaves him alone. 
Grete, who first cares so much for Gregor, and she is also the first, who claims that the family must get rid of him. Finally, she declares that the insect in the room is no longer her brother, and there is no reason to continue burdening her family.
Her feelings toward him fully changed towards the end of the novel. We also learn about her that she plays the violin and that Gregor had planned to use all his money to send Grete to the Conservatory to study violin. Her playing awakens his humanity. Grete is quick to blame someone when things go wrong. She is also shallow in the sense that she’s not able to look past Gregor’s current condition although she was once extremely close with him.
But alienation effects are characterized not only for Gregor, but others also step on a fatal path. So, Grete is not yet aware that she is just lonely in this world. No one understood her passion for music, except for her brother, who dreamed of her entering the Conservatory, and even in the form of an insect, he felt the beauty. 

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