The bartender at the Golden Day is called Big Halley. Though he is a minor character, his importance to the general idea of the story is of the utmost importance. The fact is that Supercargo is formally charged with maintaining orders at the Golden Day. However, the truth is that Big Halley is the one to maintain control eventually. 

The writer describes this character as the guardian who has his finger on the pulse of the blacks. His profession allows him to keep an eye on every customer. The Golden Day is not only a bar, but it is also a whorehouse. Moreover, Big Halley is a useful means of pilling up information. Therefore, everyone wants to start a conversation with him in order to understand whether something has updated. 

The use of such an interesting character is important. Though Bid Halley does not appear to be on top of the plot; his figure serves as the additional material of the general layout of the story which constantly develops. It is worth mentioning that the Golden Day, Big Halley’s place of work, serves as a symbol which demonstrates the ambiguity of a number of characters. If it were possible to become one of the characters of Invisible Man, the first person to consult with would be Big Halley.

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