The most interesting location of Invisible Man is the Golden Days which is a bar and a whorehouse at the same time. Since the story tells us about the attitude to the blacks, it is not difficult to find out what kind of women are prostitutes. 

Hester is one of them. She is a black-skinned woman who works in the Golden Day. The writer introduces this character far away from the beginning of the story since he is concerned with manhood; therefore, the reader may claim that stereotypes are important for the writer who suggests that women characters are not fully human as far as the writers own analysis is mentioned.

Hester is characterized not as a personality, but as a sexual object for those who visit the Golden Day. Only her appearance is stressed on. Even form this description one may understand that she is a prostitute. Such  thinking was developed among the males concerning black women.

As a result, the perception of Hester is mainly based on her profession. She cannot have better occupation due to the fact that it is difficult to maintain even the least social status in the society powered by men with racist ideas. They dictate women what to do in terms of 1930’s America.

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