Houyhnhnms — a society of intelligent horses. In their community, there is no place for passionate human disagreements, everywhere exist only moderation and rationalism. The Houyhnhnms do not know the words ‘lies’ and ‘deception,’ they are always calm and friendly. They live in a community and have only natural households that are unfamiliar with the concept of money. Their knowledge has an applied nature exclusively, and only poetry is valued out of the arts. The Houyhnhnms do not grieve over the dead; they enter into sexual relations only in order to have a child (the number of children must be considered due to the number of children that does not threaten the overpopulation). They, also, can calmly exchange children if one pair has two boys and the other has two girls. Both females and males are educated the same way. However, there is inequality in this society too. Among the Houyhnhnms themselves, there are breeds of horses possessing less developed abilities. They become servants for more advanced breeds, but are devoid of envy and understand their position as a fair rule. Swift not only idealized a horse utopia but also mocked an admiration for it. At the end of the book, Gulliver returns to his homeland, but can not get rid of disgust for people and enthusiastic attitude towards horses. The first free money he spends on the purchase of two stallions. He faints from the kiss of his wife and spends all his hours in the stables. Horses understand him well; he talks to them for at least four hours a day. In fact, here Swift laughs bitterly at himself. 

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