Jacopo is the one, who makes lots of effort to help Edmond in the process of receiving his freedom. He is the one who can be called a true friend of Edmond. From all the characters, you can hardly find the one who supports Dantes and sympathizes him, but Jacopo is truly that person. The first impression of Jacopo is created by his simple attitude towards everything. He is as simple as anybody can imagine, and you can easily call him naïve. He has not enough depth in the thoughts to be able to see the reality, and this naïve attitude helps him to live without too many problems. 
What is impossible to omit is the fact of Jacopo’s constant readiness to give a helping hand. He is the person who will never think whether he should help or not. This trait is often too much when this help is not needed and only makes the situation worse. Not knowing everything about the true life of Edmond and his tending to pay back all people who made him suffer. Jacopo is simply ready to offer his back and save the life. He is a brilliant example of naïve devotion.

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Jacopo in the Essays