Jim Trueblood

Jim Trueblood appears as a complex character with the ambiguous perception of his true self. Firstly, a reader finds out that he is illiterate, ignorant man who commits incest with his daughter. However, this impression is not of the utmost importance for the reader in terms of the essence of the story. Trueblood is the character who deserves respect and compassionate attitude. His further description supports the preceding idea. He is forced to uproot his family, give up is home. This behavior makes the reader understand that all his actions can be justified since Jim’s past is not that easy. 

Before undertaking gossips, everyone knew Trueblood as a blues singer and Jack of all trades. The fact that this character possesses such talents is symbolic, through songs he prays for forgiveness of his actions. Alternatively, he appears as a strong man who manages to return his family respect. The story describes it in the situation when his wife and daughter are willing to undertake abortion. Jim Trueblood stops them claiming that is it sinful to kill two innocent children. Therefore, we find out that his life target is carrying for the family no matter what the circumstances are. The reader’s attitude toward this character turns out to be positive since the idea of creating Jim Trueblood’s character is highly didactic. 

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Jim Trueblood in the Essays