Sir John Middleton

Sir John Middleton is a beloved husband of Lady Middleton and a father of their four children. He is presented to the audience as a rich, good-looking man with a great sense of humor. Some time ago, he served in the army with one of the main characters of the novel named Colonel Brandon. Sir John Middleton is a kind and generous person, who often arranged various entertaining gatherings, would it be a party, a picnic, or some other meeting that allow to collect people and spend some time together.
As well as his kind-hearted mother in law, this man always helps those, who are in demand. This, he offers Mrs. Dashwood, a widow and a mother of three young girls, an apartment with significantly decreased rent. What is more, he makes everything possible to make her life and the lives of her children happier by sending them fishing and playing different games. In addition, this man is an excellent sportsman who plays different sports games without any particular mental interest. This hobby allows him to meet different people and communicate with them on various subjects. In this way, he gets acquainted with Mr. Willoughby and introduces him to the Dashwoods.

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