John Steinbeck

Initially, Steinbeck in the novel is revealed to us as a narrator. In the first chapters, he tells us so smoothly and mentally about two families that the unexpected appearance of dialogs at first cut my eyes. The author's voice so drowned and suppressed the voices of the characters that they resembled the irritating squeak of a mosquito. But time passed, and we got used to all these Hamilton and Trask, heard the voice of each of them and fell in love with each of them, someone less, some more. Once upon a time, there was one man named Cyrus Trask, and he had two sons. The elder, Adam, was kind, honest and noble, and his father loved him. The younger, Charles was secretive, cruel and gloomy, but he loved his father. And then began a paradise for a psychotherapist: my beloved little son, Cyrus decided to put him into the army, which he hated to make him a peasant. And if in the beginning, it seems that Steinbeck is shunning half-tones and too clearly divides his characters into bad and good ones, then by the end of the novel everything is no longer so unambiguous. I promised about pets, so here they are Cathy and Cal. The heroes of the novel face this problem all the time, repeatedly asking them whether they are doomed to their actions, is always forced to do poor (read, angry and arrogant) person badly, is the good man always doing well? And the author finds an answer for them in the pages of the Hebrew version of the Bible; with the mouth of the ancient god, he answers them: You can, you can choose ... The history of the Trask family and Hamilton is also the history of the birth of a young country, a young nation.  It is the history of the development of California and its wealth. The history is about the change of centuries and as a consequence of a paradigm shift. The history of progress and the history of the Great War is in the book. In general, Steinbeck will find something for everybody: a passion for life or a detailed description of the California flora. 

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John Steinbeck in the Essays