John Wesley

John is a little 8-year-old son of Bailey. He is described as a typical little kid – naughty, bratty child who always bickers with his sister, June Star.

He was very loud and obnoxious boy. The only reason why all his family goes to that house on the way to which their family got to the car accident was that of the Grandmother and him. He was telling his father about it again and again because the grandmother told John that there is a secret panel with lots of awesome things, starting from sweets ending with exciting toys.

His behaviour and the whole character are completely understandable. He was little, and he was living with the Grandmother who didn’t show a nice example of a good personality. Also, we all may be mistaken. The thing is that the boy doesn’t appear in the book a lot. Of course, we always hear about him, but not in that detailed way to got to know his precise personality. He doesn’t even have the opportunity to say a lot in the book.

The main hobbies of this boy include tormenting his grandmother and kicking his father in the kidney through the car seat to get what he wants. Like June Star, he's also very excited by car accidents, though disappointed when there are no fatalities. To be honest, they seem to be a little bit (a lot), strange kids.

The last thing we have to understand is why the author of the text called him the way was called a founder of the Methodist church? Is the family supposed to be Methodist, or was Bailey enjoying a bad joke? Nevertheless, at the end of the story, John and his father were killed in the forest.

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