Mr. Jones is a symbol of despotism and lawlessness. A wakeless drunkard and unlucky master, he shows too little care for the fate of his own farm and the health of animals, its main inhabitants. One of the essential reasons for insurrection was the indifference of Jones. He keeps forgetting to feed your horses and fix holes in the barn, but he remembers about drinking in the bar, where he constantly complains about his charges. Despite his seeming power, Mr. Jones is forceless to crush the uprising. He prefers to flee, which in his time the Russian Tsar Nicholas II did too. Pigs use his name to keep animals under control, frightening them with his return. Mr. Jones is the image of a tyrant who condones his desires, ignoring the needs of others. His main mistake was the inability and unwillingness to find a common language with all the inhabitants of the farm.

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