Judge Lawrence Wargrave

At the beginning of this mysterious novel, the readers can see this character as a staid government employee. What is more, he is introduced as the honest judge who believes in upholding the laws to the fullest. Being the former justice of The Queen’s Bench, Sir Lawrence Wargrave is one of the eight individuals that were invited to the Indian Island. The interesting thing that should be mentioned is the fact that his old friend Lady Constance Culmington invited Lawrence Wargrave to this exotic location. It is a high time to provide you with the main characteristics of this person. First of all, recently retired Judge Lawrence Wargrave is commanding, cold, and intelligent. During the period when he attempted to build his career in the field of justice, Sir Wargrave was often regarded as a “hanging judge.” This issue implies the fact that he tended to sentence a significant number of criminals to death. What is more important, the author of the book described this character as an ugly and wizened person. In accordance with Agatha Christie, Judge Lawrence Wargrave was the ugliest person with a “frog-like face, tortoise-like neck, and pale shrewd little eyes.”Being on the Indian Island Lawrence Wargrave is the first one who realized that a homicidal manic haunted all the guests of this exotic place. However, at the close of the novel, the readers realize that this character was the murderer. The important thing that should be mentioned is the fact that his identity as a murdered is unique since it differs from the other similar detective stories. In fact, all the victims deserved being killed. Hence, in this case, Judge Lawrence Wargrave acted like a true agent of justice. 

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Judge Lawrence Wargrave in the Essays