Lady Middleton

Lady Middleton is another minor character in the novel Sense and Sensibility. She is described by the author as a gentle and quiet woman that keeps her focus mainly on her children. In comparison to her husband, she has good manners and creates a positive first impression on people. At the same time, she keeps the distance and seems to be quite cold during a conversation. While communicating with other persons, she likes to discuss only a particular number of topics that are interesting for her and adores showing off with elegant clothes. In addition, like every good wife, this woman is usually highly concerned with the appearance of her household and tries to make it as elegant and fashionable. Besides, Jane Austen described Lady Middleton as a mother that cares too much about her children, in this way, spoiling them. She likes when the other people praise her children and highly appreciates such attention. Besides, this woman is attracted to such people as they can chat with her about her beloved children and discuss their numerous advantages and significant achievements. Finally, Lady Middleton knows how to comfort people and make them feel in her some person whose interests, looks for life, and attitudes are similar.

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