Lee is a complex and interesting Chinese-American servant of Adam Trask. Readers meet Lee when he is about to take Samuel to bring him to the ranch to discuss boring fountains with Adam. At first glance, Lee looks like a stereotypical Chinese servant carrying a queue and a Chinese-speaking Pidgin. Within a few minutes of meeting with him and learning Lee was born in America, Samuel tells Lee: "I do not want to be disrespectful, but I never could understand why you're still talking to Pigeon," If an illiterate baboon from the back of the swamp of Ireland, with a head, full of Gaelic, and a language like potatoes, learns to speak for a poor level of English in ten years "(161). Lee and Samuel are good friends from now on. Li explains that he essentially hides behind a stereotypical Chinese mask. Lee is very smart, thoughtful, well readable and friendly behind the facade. Instead of accepting his servant's position, he sees slavery as a unique position to practice achievements over a master who relies heavily on his servant. Lee does not use this position. He finishes the work of the house of Adam and collects his twins, and Adam languishes in his depression. When Adam comes out of his stupor, Lee introduces him to ten years of carefully considered accounts - every family spearman is responsible. In addition to his substitute role, time is the same as in the past. In this process, Samuel and Lee discuss the biblical story of Cain and Abel. Together they consider the importance of history, especially since, as Abel dies, all mankind comes from the expelled murderer Cain. Lee advises, consulting with conflicting translations in history. Lee's words have a profound effect on Samuel and Adam. They immediately inspire Samuel to uncover the truth about Kathy Adam, who, he hopes, will force Adam to make a choice: get up and live, lie down and die. At the end of the novel, we see the last one. In the face of his son's death, at least implicitly in the hand of another, Adam can bless Cal, who throughout his life chooses the right to injustice, fighting the word "Timsel." In fact, Lee saves Cal's life by presenting Adam not only material circumstances for the blessings of Adam.

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