Lemuel Gulliver is the main character of this story. He was born in the family of a poor nobleman who had an estate in Nottingham. When he was fourteen years old, he was sent to college in Cambridge. But his father did not have enough money to keep him there for longer than three years. Gulliver moves to London and becomes a student of a prominent surgeon — Mr. Bets. After this practice, he starts to work as a doctor. He spends money sent by his father to buy books about sailing and related to it branches of mathematics because he dreams of becoming a traveler. Thanks to Mr. Bets's recommendation, Gulliver is hired as a doctor for the ship named ‘Swallow’ and due to this job visits a lot of countries of the Eastern Mediterranean. After this trip, he gets married. To improve the financial situation of his newborn family, Gulliver goes on a voyage on the ship ‘Antelope’ to the East Indies. He is about 30-33 years old at this time. It seems that Gulliver has a pleasant appearance. He has a medium height, slim figure, and chestnut hair. It can be seen that Gulliver has positive character traits. The author notes his humanity, braveness, and curiosity. He looks like an enduring and kind person. Intelligence and ingenuity help him to survive many times during his journeys. Gulliver treats others with kindness and respect. He politely behaves when he is captured, earning the attachment of the Lilliputian Emperor and the sympathy of the majority of local people, though he could easily free himself and destroy this state and its little people. We can clearly see that Gulliver is well-educated and has a clear and intelligent language. He is definitely a decent man.

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