Gulliver met the Lilliputians on his first trip. These human beings are no more than six inches tall. After being a prisoner of them, Gulliver studies their language, manners, traditions, law, and order. Due to his huge growth, he sees everything happening in the kingdom very clearly. The average height of the natives is slightly less than six inches, and it exactly matches the size of both animals and plants. Lilliputians do not write like the Europeans — from left to right, not like the Arabs — from right to left, not like the Chinese — from top to bottom, they write out of the way, through the page. They bury the dead, putting their heads down because they have an opinion that after eleven thousand months the dead will be resurrected. And at that time the earth should go upside down. And the dead Lilliputians will just be on their feet. For all crimes against the state they are punished here extremely strictly, but if the defendant's innocence is proved on the court, then the bailiff is given a shameful execution, and from his property, a penalty is levied in favor of the innocent, and the innocence is announced throughout the city. They consider fraud to be a more serious crime than theft and therefore punish him for death because care and vigilance can save the property from a thief, but honesty can do nothing against a nimble fraud. Appointing someone to a state post, they pay more attention to moral qualities than to abilities. They believe that truth, justice, moderation and other similar qualities are available to everyone and that these things, with experience and good intentions, make everyone able to serve their country. Ingratitude is considered a criminal offense in the Lilliputian’s state. The one who repays evil to the philanthropist is an enemy and to all other people and therefore deserves death. 

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