Louis Dantès

Louis Dantès is the father of the main character Edmond Dantès. He is a perfect example of caring father’s love and shows his love in all his actions. He lives with Edmond in Marseilles. As a father and a son, they have good relationships and were extremely close. When the day of Edmond’s arrest appeared, Louis Dantès was struggling to do something to help, but he was not capable of managing the things. It was impossible to fight with the dishonesty and evil that increased in the surrounding people. The fact of his son imprisoning has a bad effect on Louis life and condition. He loses the person who really loves him and takes care of him. Nobody can take his place and help Louise to survive. 
Louis Dantès accepts so badly the news of arresting his son; he could not live the life he used to. His starvation is the first reason for his fast death. If we analyze the attitude that Edmond has towards his father, we can say that his death is one of the reasons why Edmond becomes so rude and full of the desire for revenge. The pain that he has after his father’s death rules him to do the actions.

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