Lucy Steele

Lucy Steele is the minor character that plays a significant role in the novel by Jane Austen. This is a young and pretty girl that knows how to manipulate men with the help of her exceptional appearance. She happens to meet Edward and makes everything possible to attract him. For sure, she experiences no romantic feelings to him; nonetheless, he is a rich fellow, and the only way for the girl to get the access to his money is to become his wife. Later, Lucy gets acquainted with a number of rich and influential people and tries to be nice and pleasant in order to develop their relations. Thus, she is clever enough to talk on different subjects and be admired by a number of rich and powerful males. She manages to start relations with Edward, but, in the long run, he leaves her. Then, she seduces his brother named Robert and successfully gets married. Being not intelligent enough, this fellow does not understand that he is only a tool for her to achieve a desirable rich and comfortable life. In addition, Lucy tries her best and becomes a friend to his mother, a strict and despotic woman, in this way, leaving for Robert no ways back.

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