Madeleine Radelle

Madeleine Radelle is the wife of Gaspard Caderousse. Her role in the novel is not so crucial, and we could not find so many words to characterize her fully. However, it would be unfair to say that she is not an important character. She has an effect on the developing of the plot and leaves her influence inside. 
Madeleine Radelle has not a good successful life. Her existence is gloomed with the hard illness without any chance to become healthy again. Under the hard load of poor life, she becomes rude and mean and loses any kind attitude to the people. She does not see the ways of bettering her condition, and the only thing she wants is to make others to feel the pain. He knows the way of life that her husband spends and she supports his willing to find the power by murdering others. Madeleine Radelle loses all the kindness and caring feelings that every woman normally has. She hates the world in which she is forced to suffer and could not find the way to be happy. Her condition seems to be impossible to change and is an example of a poor miserable life. The end of her life is not better than the beginning – she dies while the robbery attempts.

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