Margaret Dashwood

Margaret Dashwood is the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dashwood. The writer describes this character to be a kind and romantic girl that is only thirteen years old. Margaret is good-humored as Marianne and good-tempered as Elinor; nonetheless, she is not predicted to be as intelligent as her sisters in the future. The girl is a good dancer, and, as well as her elder sisters, often attends various social events. Margaret likes to be involved in various matters of her elder sisters, and she actively helps them throughout the book to solve different personal issues. She watches Marianne and Elinor fall in love with handsome men and successfully marry them, and dream about her own beautiful love story. Jane Austen rarely mentioned Margaret Dashwood in her novel. This character appears to be minor in this large and well-developed story, being a particular supportive element for the lifelines of her sisters. All her life depends on the events related to the members of her family, and she can not wait to live it by herself and feel all the patience of the independent existence. At the end of Sense and Sensibility, Margaret is described in her teenage age, flirting with boys and experiencing first romantic moments.

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Margaret Dashwood in the Essays