Mercédès is a fiancée of Dantès, and from the first minutes, we understand that she is good and beautiful. She has a great love for Edmond, but when he gets to the prison, she gets married to another man. However, she does not stop loving Edmond and could not forget him. All her married life, she was miserable and could not stop blaming herself for the thing she committed in her life. 
If we see Mercédès at the end of the novel, we could notice that she has become really different. She is the one who suffers the most and has a complicated life. Living with the wealthy husband, she could not find the happiness and is forced to take some actions. She has not any desire to support her husband in his plans and collects all her strengths to leave. At the end of the novel, we meet Mercédès in the miserable condition, and the only thing she has is the hope that her son would be able to find the better life. 
Mercédès is the first person who is able to recognize Edmond in the face of the Count of Monte Cristo. However, the life is too complicated to be the one we imagined it to be. And, in spite of our willingness, not all of us could create the picture we imagine. Mercédès could not and suffers until the end of her life.

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