Miss Sophia Grey

Miss Sophia Grey is the most mysterious woman of the novel Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. It is another minor character presented to the audience as a rich and unpleasant person that attracts young and handsome fellows with her money. One of them appears to be Mr. Willoughby, a character, who has lost comfortable domestic conditions after a quarrel with his aunt. The author mentions that Miss Sophia Grey is the woman of some elder age, it is impossible to define how old she really is. Instead, it is told that she loves luxurious things and adores fashionable clothes. In addition, she is quite smart and stylish enough to look good; nonetheless, she is not pretty. People hardly mention her in their conversations as they know nothing about this mysterious person. Some of them characterize her to be a bad-tempered female or even “the devil,” and some claim that she is a woman with a strong character and deserves significant attention. In both cases, Miss Sophia Grey is not described to be good-tempered, that is why it is impossible to say whether Mr. Willoughby fulfills his expectations and gets a domestic comfort or feels miserable living next to despotic wife.

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