Mr. Thomas Palmer

Mr. Thomas Palmer is a minor character of the novel Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. This man is a husband of a nice-looking and elegant woman Charlotte, who is a mother of their child. Mr. Thomas Palmer is a known person that has a strong character. Despite the fact that he competes for the seat in Parliament, this man is described by the author as a person with a weak will that is often impolite and even rude to people. At the same time, he is sweet with Marianne, Elinor, and their youngest sister, Margaret and does not offend them with improper remarks. It is possible to say that his rudeness and aggressive behavior is the easy and efficient way to attract the attention of different people, in this way, bringing some importance to his miserable personality. It seems that is it quite difficult for him to be married to a positive woman, who always finds a reason to smile and feel herself happy. That is why he searches for every opportunity to make individuals around be afraid of him or at least feel uncomfortable. The other great way to show his importance is to ignore Charlotte Palmer, his cheerful wife. For sure, this type of behavior brings no considerable results and makes Mr. Thomas Palmer feel even more miserable and aggressive. For that reason, he uses every chance to make a complaint, show off, and declare offensive statements. 

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