Mr Thomas Rogers

It is a high time to discuss another character of this novel that is known as Thomas Rogers. The important thing that should be mentioned is the fact that this individual was assigned to the Indian Island as a butler, and his major responsibility was to care for the guests of this beautiful island. Together with his wife, he was the first who arrived on the island. The interesting thing is that Thomas Rogers did not know anything about the owners of the Indian Island as well as about the guests. He was hired via the letter sent by a reputable agency. According to the plot of the novel, Thomas Rogers is an elderly person. However, despite his advanced age, this character is a considerably hard-working and reliable employee. The reason for his arrival to the island becomes evident later when the author of the novel described the crime committed by Mr. Rogers. In one of the chapter, the recording voiced, “Thomas Rogers and Ethel Rogers, that on the 6th of May, 1929, you brought about the death of Jennifer Brady”. Taking into account the previous quote, it is evident that Thomas Rogers committed this crime together with his beloved wife, Ethel Rogers.

This couple was hired by the family of Brady to take care of their younger daughter Jennifer. Apart from their responsibility to look after this young lady, Thomas and Ethel Rogers had to take care of the house of this family. As a result of their inattentiveness and inhumanity, Jennifer Brady died. The important thing that should be mentioned is the fact that neither Mr. Roger nor Mrs. Rogers was punished. What is more important, their guilt was not proved at all.

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