Mrs. Charlotte Palmer

Mrs. Charlotte Palmer is the minor character of the novel. She is the daughter of Mrs. Jennings and is described by the author as not a very clever woman that has a strong character. Like Lady Middleton, her beloved sister, Mrs. Charlotte Palmer is a good-looking, attractive, and elegant; nonetheless, it is quite difficult for her to keep up the pace. For sure, she wears nice clothes and has good manners, but her sister is always the first, leaving Mrs. Charlotte Palmer the second place. At the same time, this woman is completely opposite to her rude husband. Thus, she usually, greets everyone, meets people with a smile on her face, and makes everything possible to be happy. Being one of the most positive characters of the novel, she usually talks to people in an inconsequential way and tries to make some jokes. Even the improper behavior of her husband cannot change her approach to life and stop smiling. What is more, she is always pleased when he starts to offend her and disapprove of her activities. In this way, this character brings positive notes to the novel and entertains the audience with her a little bit childish approach to life and strange jokes.

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Mrs. Charlotte Palmer in the Essays