Mrs. Dashwood

Mrs. Dashwood is the widow who has three beautiful daughters named Margaret, Elinor, and Marianne, and a stepson named John. All of her life, her husband took care of her, and, after his death, the eldest daughter started to help her mother and solve different issues instead of her. In fact, Elinor took responsibility for the household, her younger sister, and her mother as Mrs. Dashwood experienced a lack of common sense and was not able to do it by herself. This is the character that always follows her heart and does not think about the long-term consequences of her actions and decisions. At the same time, this woman is sweet to people and has good manners that allow her to create a great first impression. Because Marianne has a similar temperament, Mrs. Dashwood loves and understands her much better than calm and pragmatic Elinor.  During the illness of Marianne, this woman cannot believe that her daughter will survive, being convinced that she will die in the nearest future. Nonetheless, as soon as she recovers, selfish Mrs. Dashwood starts to continue searching for a match for Marianne and Elinor. After two elder daughters get married, the woman switches her focus to Margaret and thinks of her future marriage.

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