Mrs Ethel Rogers

In the novel And Then There Were None written by English writer Agatha Christie, Ethel Rogers is another interesting character that has her own story. As it was mentioned above, this woman is a wife of Thomas Rogers who was hired as a butler by Mr. Owen. In turn, Mrs. Rogers was hired as well, but she worked as the baker and caretaker. While working at the hotel, Ethel Rogers had friendly relationships with Vera Claythorne.

The interesting thing that should be mentioned is the fact that their acquaintance cannot be regarded as the successful one. When Mrs. Rogers showed Vera Claythorne her room, she frightened her by her strange appearance. As Agatha Christie commented, “At that moment, Ethel Rogers looked like a woman who walked in mortal fear.” As it was already mentioned, Mrs. Rogers committed a crime together with her husband, Thomas Rogers. Taking into account the plot of the novel, it is evident that this couple hadn’t done anything that could be regarded as the reason for the death of Jennifer Brady. However, you might have noticed that they hadn’t done anything to save this girl as well. In this case, they just neglected Jennifer that resulted in her death.

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Mrs Ethel Rogers in the Essays