Mrs. Ferrars

Mrs. Ferrars is one of the minor characters of the novel by Jane Austen who is mentioned as a mother of Fanny, Edward, and Robert. It is an unpleasant and aggressive woman with a thin and unhealthy face. She has a despotic character and makes everything possible to control the lives of her sons in the way she wants. Thus, her main tool that helps to manipulate her sons is money, and she keeps them dependent by managing their financial abilities. In addition, she is a snob and tries to save money even on the education of her son, hiring a tutor instead of sending him to a good school. At the same time, like every mother, Mrs. Ferrars wants her children to find their place under the Sun and find a perfect match. Being not clever enough, she disapproves romantic feelings of her son Edward to Elinor, kind and intelligent girl. Showing strong displeasure to the girl, she is charmed by another lady named Lucy. Despite the feelings of Lucy towards Robert are false, Mrs. Ferrars can not make the difference and is deceived in a short time. She accepts the fact that Robert has married Lucy without her approval and considers that this marriage is the best possible variant for him.

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