Mrs. Jennings

Mrs. Jennings is a minor character in the novel that is described by Jane Austen as a widow in older ages. Because of the fact that all her children are married and are separated from her, Mrs. Jennings likes to visit them and their families regularly. During the visits, she enjoys different companies, is highly interested in personal matters of the young people, and happens to arrange good matches. What is more, she often pays significant attraction to the way of communication between young and handsome fellows and beautiful ladies, suspecting an affair even before it occurs. It is important to mention that Mrs. Jennings is gossip and happens to be involved in scandals with people she likes and respects. Despite all her weaknesses, this woman is very clever and tells people easily. Thus, if some person pretends to be positive and sincere, Mrs. Jennings is usually the only one to see the truth. She is kind with Marianne and her sister Elinor and always cares about their personal comfort. That is why she helps Elinor to look after Marianne during her illness and does everything for the girl to recover. Thus, Mrs. Jennings may be distinguished as the most positive and kind-hearted character of the novel that helps those, who are in demand.

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