Mrs. Mary Burton Gulliver

This woman is Gulliver’s wife. She is very patient and kind, but her role in the book is really small. At the beginning of the story, we can find out that Gulliver got married to her only because his friends advised him to do so. Therefore, he neglects her and goes on a journey that he always dreamed of. Gulliver's travels lasted sixteen years and seven months. All this time she was waiting for him left at home with their children. Although he missed his family, he loved traveling more. At the end of the story, after Gulliver’s return from the Houyhnhnms land, she stays miserable and unloved. Her husband spurns and detests her like a dirty Yahoo. He prefers to spend time with horses and suddenly loses his consciousness when she tries to kiss him. 

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Mrs. Mary Burton Gulliver in the Essays